We have very good news, we just received stoles for this autumn-Winter. In the video guide below we’ll offer you some advice on how to wear and you can see some of the styles and colors that we already have available on our website: http://www.maisara.es/en/categories/stoles/


Which is better a stole of a solid color or of colours?

Opt for a solid-coloured stole if you tend to use patterns or prints. A Stole in a solid color such as grey, brown or black can be a great addition to your outfits if you tend to wear prints. You can also add texture to a colourful outfit. A stole in a bright color such as red, blue or pink can help add a touch of color to your outfits, especially if you tend to wear clothes in neutral colours such as black or white. Go for a stamped stole if you want to mark the style. A stole with coloured stripes or a geometric pattern can be a fun and bold option, especially if you tend to wear simple styles or clothes in muted colours.

How can I use a stole for every day?

Place the Stole on a denim jacket and pants for a casual look. Add the Stole to a simple and casual outfit to give an elegant touch. Pair it with a denim jacket or a denim shirt with a collar and jeans or black pants. Can I take a Stole to go out? Combine a Stole with a simple dress to go out at night. Wear a simple dress in a neutral color such as black, white, grey or brown with the Stole. Try a dress with sleeves or a longer hem to make your outfit look elegant and well-armed. Wear stockings, heels or high heels for an excellent night look.

Can I wear a Stole at work?

Wear your Stole on a suit with a belt for a professional appearance. You can take your Stole for a business meeting or a day with a client by placing it on one shoulder and securing it on a suit with a thin belt. This can add texture and interest to a simple work attire.

What accessories can I wear with a Stole?

Keep your accessories simple and small to complement the Hair Stole. Wear jewellery, sunglasses and hair clips or headbands that are simple and small so that the Stole is the key piece in your appearance. Combine a simple necklace with the hair stole. Wear simple earrings or a pair of dark sunglasses with the stole so that your look is not too overwhelming.

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