We love floral tiaras and are becoming more fashionable every day. Until a few years ago, flower tiaras were more used pieces for bridesmaids and brides with more hippie style. But that has already changed and you will see them in fabulous Guests, beautiful brides, communions with soft tones and graduations. They give a youthful appearance, they are comfortable and in our shop you can find the style that best suits you.

Diadema de Flores

There are many options, soft velvets, fabric flowers, preserved, metal … and many more!

If you already have your outfit, we already have the first and most important decision and if after thinking about it a lot, you know the style you want to wear in your head, here are some tips.

If you have already decided that you want to wear a flower headband, the next step is to try several models and see which favours you the most, since each one has different features, and each headband according to the colour and type of flowers can make us feel different.

If your dress has rhinestones beads, keep in mind that it has a more chic and elegant style, so repeat some of those sizes in the headband, they can be metallic flowers and white.

We will always give you different options, and we will tell you why your look is better with some materials and colours than with others, but in the end it will be your decision and personality, which will make you choose the flower headband that is perfect for you. You can always give the personal touch according to the colours and your personality to each piece.

The floral headbands go well with flowing dresses but also with palazzo trousers, it gives a very feminine and youthful touch to the trousers. They are also ideal for brides with or without veil but have a vintage touch to the dress.

There are flower tiaras for weddings that run all around the head and there are half crowns or combs (small combs) with the mounted flowers.

Campaign for SWATCH in Spain

In this campaign for SWATCH watches, we participated with several headband and wreaths. The style is more modern and the smaller flowers with preserved flower mixture (paniculata) were perfect in this photoshoot in a more natural environment.

Coronita de novia para esta campaña tan chula de swatch
Wedding crown for this cool swatch campaign

FRIDA KAHLO – Diadema made of flowers

Here in this photo session we were inspired by Frida Kahlo, we opted for this double-height diadem with fabric flowers and velvet, and a touch of svarovski, to break with forms and give a more radical and little seen here in Spain. This style is popular in England.


If you are a bride and your style is not hippie, not boho, nor vintage, but you want to wear a headband or flower crown, do not worry, we also have an ideal one for you. Here we have made each flower and leaf in porcelain, completely by hand one by one, in golds and whites, although we can make the tones that you like the most and adjust to your personality.

Diadema con Flores

Our Floral Crowns and Diademas de Flores

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