Bridal Headpiece / Crown Rose Gold Porcelain VENUS
Bridal headpiece in gold, white and metallic pink giving it a modern touch.

At Tocados Mai Sara, we love to make bridal headpieces. We customise all the accessories for bride and guests. Each piece is crafted for you and is unique and special.

For your bridal headpiece we have a wide variety of designs and materials which we can use from porcelain, metal, fabrics, beads, swarovski crystals and pearls. With your style and our experience, we will advise you so that your headdress is perfect.

In this bridal headdress (right), the flowers and leaves are made from porcelain. The colours gold, white and metallic pink give a modern and chic touch.

If your getting married in the cooler months of the year, a stole is a good complement to wear.

For your bridesmaids we have crowns and flower headbands.

Why not organise a weekend a visit us in Valencia

Bridal Headpiece 12We have many more Hats, Headpieces and Headbands ready to sell in our shop, so if you like any of them, you can take it directly home. Click here for directions
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